Club Rules

In order to ensure the best possible experience for our members, the management of Piston & Chain (P&C) has adopted the following rules:

  1. Management Authority: we reserve the right to expel any member for any reason. Should this happen, pro-rata dues will be refunded. To protect the club, P&C’s owners and employees may issue additional directives not covered here. If you do not agree with any of these rules, you may cancel your membership at any time.
  2. Good Conduct: While in the clubhouse, you will behave in a courteous and thoughtful manner towards other members and their property, as well as P&C’s staff and property.
  3. Tools: Treat our shared tools with respect. Certain tools (like the lifts) require instruction by P&C staff before use.
  4. Alcohol: The club does not supply alcohol. Members may bring their own alcohol to consume in a reasonable manner while in the clubhouse. Don’t ride a motorcycle while intoxicated. If you need to, please leave your bike at P&C and take a cab home instead.
  5. Guests: we welcome your accompanied guests who want to come and check out P&C. However, after a guest has visited once, we ask that they become a member for subsequent visits.
  6. Pets: We love pets, so bring them by if you like, provided that they behave themselves. Please be sensitive to other members. No poisonous snakes.