Key Membership

Red Key

Wrench whenever you want—Key Members set their own schedule!

  • $295/month (includes bike parking/strorage)
  • $100/month (NO bike parking/storage)

Key Membership Benefits

  • Your own key to our Folsom Street garage and clubhouse, which includes 24-hour access for wrenching, builds, parking, and hanging out. Come and go as you please, working on your projects whenever it suits you.
  • The $295/month key membership includes space to store 1 motorcycle, parked on the floor or on a workbench
  • The $100/month key membership does not include motorcycle parking. Work on your bike as much as you like in our space, but it must leave when you do and cannot be stored in the clubhouse.
  • 1 regular-sized bin for storage

Plus, you get all the great benefits of our regular membership: use of our tools, lifts, disposal of tires/fluids, and access to our private Google Group and FaceBook forums.

How To Sign Up

To ensure a great experience for our other members, Key Membership is limited. If you are interested in this membership level, let’s get to know each other first. Start by signing up as a regular member. Then, drop by on a Tuesday night to check out the workspace and meet us (or email us to see if there’s a fit and availability).