Membership & More

 Piston and Chain - member tag - cream Tuesday Night Social & Wrenching Membership
One night a week, take advantage of P&C’s tools and lifts while also enjoying the camaraderie of your fellow riders.
$29 / month
Red Key Key Membership
The ultimate wrenching experience! Get unlimited access to our workshop, plus space for your bike and gear.
$250 / month
Parking Sign Folsom Street Parking
Key Members may store additional motorcycles at the Folsom Street Clubhouse (subject to availability).
 $120 / month
Piston and Chain - Project Bench Project Bench
A moveable platform with space for a motorcycle on top, with compartments for parts and tools underneath.
 $150 / month
Piston and Chain - Trolley Trolley
A rolling project cart good for engines.
$50 / month
 Parking Sign Clementina Street Parking
Store your motorcycle in our Clementina Street facility, which features 24-hour access. Contact us for availability. No membership required!
 $150 / month
Piston & Chain - large storage bin rental Large Storage Bin Rental $20 / month
Piston & Chain - small storage bin rental Small Storage Bin Rental $10 / month
Piston and chain - Day Pass Day Pass
If you’re not a Key Member and want to work on your bike, you’ll need a Day Pass to use the resources (lifts, tools, etc.) at the Folsom Street garage. Note: you must be an invited and supervised guest of a Key Member or P&C staff to use the Day Pass.
$50 / day