Wrenching Membership

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P&C’s Wrenching Membership is our standard membership for riders and their bikes to enjoy our clubhouse, tools and online resources. It is billed monthly. Cancel anytime.

Sign up for our Wrenching Membership ($69/month)

Member Benefits:

The Piston & Chain Wrenching Membership allows access to our Google Group forums, private Facebook page, events (free and paid), shop tools, lifts, tire changer and to the space generally. It offers benefits for the novice or experienced motorcycle enthusiast who want to learn and get their hands dirty.

Workshop and Tools

  • WRENCHING: use the P&C clubhouse and tools 7 days a week during our regular business hours.
  • LIFT: Use a lift at no charge. If you have never used a lift, don’t worry, we will show you how.
  • TIRE CHANGER: Use our tire changer and balancer after you have been checked out.
  • TIRE DISPOSAL: If you change it here, we will recycle it for you.
  • OIL DISPOSAL: If you change it here, we will recycle it for you.
  • RECEIVING/SHIPPING: Send your stuff directly here. We will meet your UPS guy with a smile and put your package away for you. Please pick it up inside of a week, or we will find you a storage box—and happily rent it to you!
  • OVERNIGHT BIKE STORAGE: $15/night or $120/month, whichever is better for you.
  • PARKING ELIGIBILITY in our private Annex.


  • Member discount at SF Moto.


  • SALON: Enjoy our speakers and presentations.
  • ORGANIZED RIDES: Moto-outings of all sorts, for all levels of rider
  • CLUBHOUSE LOITERING: Enjoy our members-only wifi and free coffee during regular business hours. Don’t miss Friday Tea!